Love Cynetic Wolf? Raek's adventure returns in the gut-wrenching, fast-paced sequel, Wolfish.

"a dystopian thrill ride that ratchets up the action with each page." —Jacqui Castle, best selling author of The Seclusion

His impossible hybrid rebellion crushed the immortal government. But then, his wife died, and his unborn son, both at the hands of his all-powerful father.

Now a cripple, Raek must rise once more to fulfill his wife’s dying wish: to unify the splintered species of humanity... Even the cyborgs and fallen immortals push for war, revenge, and the absolute decimation of the once subservient hybrids.

Unimaginable destruction amidst a veneer of peace, until a mysterious figure from Raek’s past emerges once more. 

Overnight, Raek’s world is obliterated. Politics, power, betrayal… a new world order? There’s a war coming for humanity’s future, one with murder, massacre, and intrigue. An awful game, yet all that stands between tyranny and total destruction is a seventeen-year-old wolfish warrior with built-in blasters, and a dying promise he dare not break.

Welcome to 2097, the beginning of the end, or of something much greater. Only time will tell.

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Praise for Cynetic Wolf:

"This is a Post-Apocalyptic Action Fantasy with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in." --Petrallan Saga author Gordon Long

"If you are looking for something that immediately grabs your attention and doesn’t let go, this is the book!"--She Just Loves Books

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