What if we all dreamt the same dream?

Every night, Rob Ottman and his fellow dreamers secretly design state-sponsored dreams to sway the desires of World Republic citizens. It’s propaganda on an unprecedented scale, all in pursuit of a perfect world.

At least, that’s what president-turned-mogul, Justice Jefferson, tells Rob and the other dreamers. And it seems to be working. People are happier and healthier than ever, and the economy is booming—but there are sinister forces at work to silence anyone who questions the system.

But when President Jefferson offers Rob a bribe to rig the Dreamline system in her favor, his perfect world collapses. His family is kidnapped, and soon, he finds himself caught in a ruthless economic clash between rival oligarchs determined to rule the Republic.

Dreamline is a political sci-fi technothriller by bestselling science fiction and fantasy author and world-renowned futurist, Matt Ward, that features unparalleled espionage, Nazi-esque mind control, and fast-paced, suspenseful adventure in the darkly dystopian world of deep-state corporate power. If you like Michael Crichton, Daniel Suarez, or Neal Stephenson, or loved dystopian classics: the Handmaid’s Tale, Brave New World, and Ready Player One, you’ll love this page-turning political scifi thriller.

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Copyright 2020, Matt Ward