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Ragged Blade ebook

The Ragged Blade by Christopher Ruz

An old soldier and his daughter flee into a vast, magical desert on a journey of discovery, redemption, and white-knuckle adventure.

starship mage

Starship's Mage by Glynn Stewart

Young Mage Damien Montgomery can jump spaceships a light year at a time, but he can't outrun those pursuing him forever.

Cynetic Wolf

Cynetic Wolf by Matt Ward

"A dystopian sci-fi thrill ride" where humanity's diverged to four unequal species and an immortal cyborg government rules of the half-human hybrid masses.

Slab City Blues

Slab City Blues: The Collected Stories Box Set by Anthony Ryan

Gangs, killers, and vampires. One war-torn detective is the only hope of survival for a crime-ridden orbiting city…

Death Donor cover

Death Donor by Matt Ward

Scientists invent a cure to aging, but there's a catch, it takes a life to give one., and only the rich can afford immortality. Would you sell yours?

NOTEDeath Donor is launching 6/8 for the one-week special promo price of just $0.99 on Amazon. Grab your copy today!

dawn of chaos

Dawn of Chaos by Daniel Willcocks and Michael Anderle

​Set within the wonder of the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, discover the chaos and insanity of the Age of Madness—a time when the world turned on its head, and nothing is as it appears…

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